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    4. Lemon-flex Company Limited China


      Lemon-flex Company Limited China

      Professional Manufacturer of PLASTICIZER

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      Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Acetate
      Product name:

      diethylene glycol monobutyl ether acetate

      CAS NO.: 124-17-4
      Molecular formula:


      Molecular weight: 204.26(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)

      Colorless liquid with pleasant aroma. Slightly soluble in water. Can be dissolved with most organic solvent. Boiling point:246.4º C(0.101mpa), flash point:(open)116º C.


      Can be used as preparation agent of printing ink. especially in the high-grade paint such as silk screen printing ink, car paint, Tv paint, refrigerator paint and plane paint etc..

      Packaging: 200L metal pail, NW:200Kg per pail.
      Technical index:
      Colorless transparent liquid
      ≤ 30#
      ≥ 98.0
      Water content(wt),%
      ≤ 0.05
      Acidity(base on HAC),%
      ≤ 0.1
      Boiling range(760mmHg)
      238~253o C

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